Licensed and Insured:

CSRA Trapping Service is licensed by the Georgia and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and insured.

Quotes & Plans

We can offer you a unique management program developed for your needs.

Experienced and Trained

Over 25 years experience in wildlife management and damage control: bats, squirrels, beavers, gators, snakes and more ...

If it Walks, Crawls, Flies, or Swims ... and you've got 'em ... we'll get 'em!

Over 40 Years Experience

CSRA Trapping Service practices humane removal and exclusion of wildlife, following professional and proven techniques. Most importantly, we know and follow the guidelines and laws in place for the protection of wildlife.

From a Customer: "The Board of Directors of Briar Creek Sportsman Club would like to thank you for the trapping service your company provided...  Thank you for a job well done.
Lenn Brantley, Briar Creek Sportsman Club, LLC"